Simplify your messaging with Voice Broadcasting

Why Star Communication?

Starcom’s Voice Broadcast platform contains 17 campaign types in one easy to use web-portal.  You’re able to effortlessly run simple Press 1 campaigns or complex multi-level IVR questionnaires.   Our platform is built for multilevel marketing, voice broadcasting, town hall meetings, mass call conferencing, multilevel surveys, school alerts and so much more.

Starcom’s powerful Voice Broadcast dialer levels up your business and allows you to reach people in a reliable cost-effective way.  Tier 1 underlying phone carriers power our dialer to allow for the best voice quality in the industry.  We have successfully broadcasted billions of messages for our partners and look forward to assisting you!

Real time reports

  • Real-time analytics help you and your call center agents achieve peak performance. This also helps you understand your data and how it performs for each campaign


  • Multiple DNC options help you maintain compliance. Scrub by State, Country, Federal DNC, State DNCs, and scrub cellular numbers before you dial

17 Campaign Types

  • Create simple Press 1 campaigns, inbound/outbound surveys, or multilevel surveys

The Star Communications team has delivered billions of messages for its partners.  Medical Offices, Schools, Charities, Radio Stations, Call Centers, Political Robo-Callers and many other large organizations can benefit from our hosted voice broadcast solution.

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