Spring into Savings on VoIP Termination

Greetings from Star Communication, 

We are pleased to announce our $0.0034\minute flat USA that is winning quite a bit of traffic.  Additionally our Toll Free Termination product has increased in size adding our 3rd location in Hamburg, Germany.  If you would like to test or have any questions about any of our products below, reach out to us and someone will assist you with testing.

1. USA Retail Conversational $0.0034\minute 6\6 billing.  No Dialers
2. Free Toll Free Termination (No account needed).  Complete your 18XX traffic with 100% direct to tandem access.  High volume we can discuss revenue sharing agreements
3. USA NPANXX CC.  Customers average $0.003
4. Australia Proper $0.02.  Mobile $0.038. 1\1 Billing

For free testing on any of these products please reach us at-


Phone: 1(877) 519-8464
Email: sales@starcompartners.com


Toll Free Origination

Star Communication is a trusted provider for Toll Free Origination Services.  Our Toll Free Origination Service is reliable, redundant and built for CLECs, VoIP Carriers and Call Centers.  Our Tier 1 and direct carrier partners provide us the ability to route Toll Free calls with the up-most priority.  We strive to ensure your customers are happy and are constantly monitoring our network for jitter, latency, and upstream carrier outages.  Our POPs are located in strategic parts of the country to offer complete coverage and the lowest latency possible.   We have offered Toll Free Origination services for more than 7 years and understand industry standards as well as challenges.

As a valued Starcom customer you will have web access to real time call reports and traffic monitoring tools.  Our Class 4 Carrier grade platform allows peace of mind and superior Toll Free Origination switching.

Benefits and Features

  • Access our carrier grade Class 4 switch for CDRs
  • Make payments in real time
  • Support most codecs
  • Built-in high-performance IP firewall
  • Extremely low ping times
  • Low PDD
  • Rapid response support (Skype and Email)
  • Provisioning support
  • Interactive training sessions for all new customers
  • Ultra competitive rates

For more information on our VoIP Origination services visit our website here Or contact us at sales@starcompartners.com or 1(877)519-8464