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Starcom’s Direct to Voicemail has been landing in your inbox since 2015.  Obviously everyone wants more leads?  Together let us help save you time and money!

What is a Ringless Voicemail?

A Ringless voicemail is a way to leave a voicemail message on a cell phone without actually placing an outbound call.  This allows your organization to send voicemail messages without the recipient’s phone ringing.  Our Ringless voicemail technology allows for little to no disruption of the recipients.

What are the benefits and who can use this technology?

There are over 300 million phones compatible with Starcom’s Ringless voicemail technology.  In fact, studies show that 96% of recipients will actually listen to voice mails they receive.  That’s a lot of people to reach!

Any company, municipality, school district, marketing firm that sends notifications is able to use this advanced technology though our simple web-interface.  Within minutes we can issue a unique login to our system so you can load data, record your message and press send.    Our Ringless voicemail technology is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to communicate.

Starcom RVM pointers-

  • Simple flat rate charges (only charged for delivered messages)
  • Detailed online reports
  • Full ANI control
  • Eliminates cold-calling
  • No hardware for you to maintain
  • Automatically scrub out land lines
  • Capable of delivering 1,000’s of messages at once
  • White-label capabilities


Rates start at $.016 per delivered message!

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