Is Channel Capacity placing your VoIP on hold?

Let’s say it’s a busy day in your office and every employee is on the phone making and taking calls. Then another customer needs help and calls your office, except this call is not connected. The customer gets a busy signal..

Yes, even today many VoIP Carriers and VoIP Providers use the same busy signal when a user is at max channels (phone lines). Customers expect phone calls to connect when calling a business. Even if calling into an IVR and having to go through a short call queue, no one expects to hear a busy signal. This can look bad for your business overall.

Whether you’re a VoIP Newbie or have 10 certifications, it’s a good idea to review any VoIP provider’s plan and channel limitations they offer. Many of the packages and pricing models from providers do indeed have a limited number of channels. Another thing to help prevent customers receiving a busy signal, is to plan with your VoIP provider around your peak calling seasons. Maybe your business’s call volume is highest around Christmas. Ask your VoIP provider ahead of time to increase the number a channels if you expect a heavier call flow.

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